Ian Robinson, Founder of AA International Ltd Print E-mail
Dr W Ian Robinson, the founder of AA International Ltd, worked in various aspects of agricultural/rural development for over 40 years, including 35 years providing technical assistance in Asia and Africa and 6 years in research, teaching and agricultural development in the UK. His key interests were linked to the provision of timely and accurate agricultural/situation assessments related to food security; development programmes in marginal areas, including conflict zones and support programmes to agro-pastoralists. As Director of the Centre for Arid Zone Studies, University of Wales, Bangor for 13 years, he not only provided regular technical inputs to projects but also directed and managed the Centre’s staff and secured the funding for a wide range of studies, training and development programmes.
As the team leader of some 50 UN Crop and Food Supply Missions he had a very broad appreciation of rural issues and concerns.

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Stefan Robinson, Director Print E-mail

Stefan is a Business Manager in the Environment Agency with over 20 years of experience in environmental compliance ranging from water resource management to regulated industry. Having been a Director of AgriTechTalk International (CIC) since its foundation in 2012, Stefan joined AA International Ltd in August 2017 to provide support on the strategic development, company direction and begin implementation of the succession plan in preparation of the passing of his father and founder Ian.

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Heather Pitcher, Director & Programmes Officer Print E-mail
Heather has ten years experience working in a broad range of horticultural projects in the Caribbean, Ethiopia and South Africa. Her work has focused both on pre and post harvest production and management of a variety of horticultural crops from a diverse range of production systems. She has experience in curricula development and teaching as well as practical training of exporters. farmers and householders. 

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Lisa Osborne, Project Officer Print E-mail
Lisa joined AA International Ltd in 2010. Her skills in graphic design and desk-top publishing have been invaluable in the production of AA International Ltd's photographic PET manuals for crop and livestock assessing in Somalia and Sudan. She manages our websites and archives and provides general support in project analysis, report preparation, as well as administrative support to TechTalk.

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Gediminas Lesutis, Associate Print E-mail

Gediminas Lesutis is a PhD candidate at the University of Manchester where he is undertaking an ESRC-funded research project on the political economy of land governance in Southern Africa. Gediminas has an MSc in Food Security and has worked with AA International on food security and adult numeracy education projects in Eastern Africa. He also has experience of working on community development and education projects in non-profit sector in South Africa and Lesotho.

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Chris Wardle, Associate Print E-mail
Chris Wardle is a Senior Consultant in International Rural Development with particular experience in rural livelihoods, food security, value chains and natural resource management. He has thirty years experience working with multi lateral, bilateral and non governmental agencies in Central Asia, South East Asia, Africa and Europe and has also worked extensively with local organisations and NGOs. His key areas of professional experience include Monitoring and Evaluation; Impact Assessment; Co-operative Development; Participatory Capacity Building and Business Planning and Market Research across a broad range of rural development programmes and initiatives. He worked with AA International Ltd in 2011, providing expertise for a study into rangeland condition in Georgia.

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Dr Khatuna Epremidze, Associate Print E-mail
Dr Khatuna Epremidze is a Georgian national and is a qualified Medical Doctor specialising in humanitarian aid, disaster preparedness and management, emergency needs assessment (including vulnerability analysis) and the design, coordination, management and monitoring/evaluation of Humanitarian Aid programmes re health, nutrition, child care, disaster risk reduction and food security. She worked with AA International Ltd in 2008 preparing a Review of Regional Markets in the Caucasus for WFP and, in 2010, worked with us again as a consultant in reviewing a Pastoralist Development Programme for an international NGO in Karamoja, Uganda. She is currently based in Iraq. She is also presently studying for a Masters in Business Administration.
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Dr Daljit Virk, Associate Print E-mail
Dr. Daljit Singh Virk worked with Ian for many years at the Centre for Arid Zones Studies (CAZS-NR) at Bangor University. He has a long experience in community-based seed production, assessment and conservation of on-farm diversity and landrace and varietal improvement by using participatory approaches (participatory varietal selection and participatory plant breeding) combined with marker assisted selection. Crop varieties developed by him, using participatory research, are highly popular with marginal farmers. He is experienced in seed regulatory frameworks and impact assessment of new varieties on biodiversity, food security and livelihoods. He experienced in the statistical analysis of quantitative and qualitative data from surveys and on-farm participatory research. He has conducted several international trainings (both in-country and in the UK) for in participatory crop improvement. He has been collaborating with GO and NGO partners, including universities, in South Asia and Africa, and has undertaken several consultancies in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Namibia and Ethiopia. He has published more than 200 research papers.
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Associate Institutions Print E-mail
Due to our close relationship with the University of Wales, AAInternational Ltd has access to the expertise of agricultural/environmental/socio-economic specialists based at these institutes, such as CAZS-Natural Resources , University of Bangor; and IBERS at the University of Aberystwyth.
We  also work closely with Dulas Ltd, an award winning company specialising in renewable energy systems.
Through our web-based advisory service www.techtalk-international.com  we have excellent links with the administators and membership of the Tropical Agricultural Association (TAA) and many staff of the CGIAR network.

AA International News

APPS of PET Crops and PET Livestock

PET Crops TM and PET Livestock TM   are being modernized into a digital format to be used on android smart-phones and tablets.  The apps incorporate crop yield and livestock body condition data collection using the tried and tested PET photo- indicators; data compilation and analysis leading to real-time reporting by field officers.  

Climate Change Busting:Transplanting
CLIMATE-CHANGE DESERVES NEW IDEAS........... Transplanting sorghum and millet seedlings  is an old idea with a new and relevant application if you do it from pre-rains nurseries.
Environmental Management
AA International is accredited to Environmental Management Standard BS8555: Phase 2. The Standard enables us to monitor our environmental impact and identify ways to control and improve our environmental performance.

CFSAM South Sudan 2016
FAO/WFP have released the Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission for South Sudan, Special Report, April 2016AA International Ltd provided the consultant agronomist to this mission, which was conducted during November and December 2015.

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