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AA International Ltd staff, working in emergency and post-emergency circumstances, recognised that non-agriculturalists, working in subsistence agriculture localities, require help to improve their rapid analyses of crop yields.

Experience in Ethiopia (Robinson et al, 2004) shows that a visual assessment of yield at harvest time, coupled with strategic sampling, can provide accurate and objective estimates of cereal yield but requires the preparation of a country specific manual. PET Livestock Manuals help assessors estimate and evaluate changes in the body condition of livestock. Consequently, a series of Pictorial Evaluation Tools (PET) field manuals is being produced to meet such needs.  


In 2015, AA International Ltd was contracted to prepare PET-Crops South Sudan and PET-Livestock South Sudan. The PET-Crops South Sudan was an updated version of the PET-Crops South Sudan manual which was developed in September 2006. 

The 2015 manuals can be downloaded free of charge below 

PET Crops South Sudan

PET-Crops South Sudan

PET Livestock South Sudan

PET-Livestock South Sudan


PET-Crops Karamoja (Uganda) and PET-Livestock Karamoja (Uganda) were published in 2015 .

PET Crops Karamoja

You can download PET-Crops Karamoja (Uganda) free of charge here

PET Livestock Karamoja

You can download PET-Livestock Karamoja (Uganda) free of charge here


PET- Cereals West Bank and Gaza Strip was completed in 2013.

You can download PET- Cereals West Bank and Gaza Strip free of charge in English or Arabic

Please note that when viewing the manuals they should be viewed as double facing pages. To read the Arabic manual please scroll to the last page of the pdf, which forms the front cover of the manual.

PET Crops West Bank and Gaza Strip

You can download PET- Crops West Bank and Gaza Strip free of charge here

PET Crops West Bank and Gaza Strip (Arabic version)

  الدليل المصور لتقدير إنتاجية محصول الحبوب ف الضفة الغربية و قطاع غزة    


PET- Crops Sudan and PET- Livestock Sudan were produced by AA International Ltd in 2011, in association with FAO-SIFSIA and MoA, Khartoum.

PET Crops Sudan

You can download PET- Crops Sudan free of charge here  PET-Crops Sudan

PET Livestock Sudan

You can download PET- Livestock Sudan free of charge here PET-Livestock Sudan  


PET- Crops Somalia and PET- Livestock Somalia have also been published by AA International Ltd and were produced in association with FAO and FSNAU in 2010, with funds from the World Bank and the Qatar Charity respectively. 

PET Crops Somalia

Download PET- Crops Somalia here free of charge  PET-Crops Somalia  

PET Livestock Somalia

Download PET- Livestock Somalia here free of charge  PET-Livestock Somalia 


PET-Cereals Ethiopia, a photograph based evaluation field manual, was produced by CAZS-NR in 2004.  MoA trainers were trained in its use and workshops held at Regional and Woreda (level).

Pet Cereals, Ethiopia

You can download PET-Cereals Ethiopia here free of charge  PET-Cereals Ethiopia 


AA International Ltd can, in regard to PET manuals:

  • Conduct a needs analysis
  • Design manuals
  • Photograph subject matter
  • Prepare manuals
  • Test manuals
  • Conduct training of field workers

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APPS of PET Crops and PET Livestock

PET Crops TM and PET Livestock TM   are being modernized into a digital format to be used on android smart-phones and tablets.  The apps incorporate crop yield and livestock body condition data collection using the tried and tested PET photo- indicators; data compilation and analysis leading to real-time reporting by field officers.  

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