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Crop and Food Supply Assessment Mission, South Sudan. Nov 2012
During Oct/Nov 2012 AA International were involved in a Crop and Food Supply Assessment Mission in South Sudan for FAO/WFP.
You can download the full report here.
Mission Highlights
  • Generally favourable rains and no outbreaks of pests and diseases in 2012, resulted in a net cereal production of about 761,000 tonnes in the traditional sector. At this level, production is about 35 percent above the 2011 estimates and about 6 percent above the average of the previous five years.
  • With a projected population of about 10.4 million people in 2013, an overall cereal deficit of nearly 371,000 is estimated, until the next harvest in late 2013.
  • Livestock body conditions are generally good due to adequate pasture and water availability.
  • Prices of locally produced cereals have declined in most markets since August/September 2012, but still remain higher than in previous seasons. Higher prices of livestock, especially small ruminants, have improved the terms-of-trade for pastoralists.
  • Households are heavily dependent on markets for their staple food supply and exhibit very high levels of expenditure on food, implying that market price patterns need close monitoring as they are a major determinant of household food security.
  • In 2013, about 4.1 million people are estimated to be facing food insecurity, of which just over 1 million are severely food insecure.
  • Out of these overall needs, in order to assist the most food insecure rural households, vulnerable children, IDPs, refugees and returnees, an estimated 224,000 tonnes of food will be required in 2013.


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APPS of PET Crops and PET Livestock

PET Crops TM and PET Livestock TM   are being modernized into a digital format to be used on android smart-phones and tablets.  The apps incorporate crop yield and livestock body condition data collection using the tried and tested PET photo- indicators; data compilation and analysis leading to real-time reporting by field officers.  

Climate Change Busting:Transplanting
CLIMATE-CHANGE DESERVES NEW IDEAS........... Transplanting sorghum and millet seedlings  is an old idea with a new and relevant application if you do it from pre-rains nurseries.
Environmental Management
AA International is accredited to Environmental Management Standard BS8555: Phase 2. The Standard enables us to monitor our environmental impact and identify ways to control and improve our environmental performance.

CFSAM South Sudan 2016
FAO/WFP have released the Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission for South Sudan, Special Report, April 2016AA International Ltd provided the consultant agronomist to this mission, which was conducted during November and December 2015.

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