Ian Robinson, Founder of AA International Ltd
Dr W Ian Robinson, the founder of AA International Ltd, worked in various aspects of agricultural/rural development for over 40 years, including 35 years providing technical assistance in Asia and Africa and 6 years in research, teaching and agricultural development in the UK. His key interests were linked to the provision of timely and accurate agricultural/situation assessments related to food security; development programmes in marginal areas, including conflict zones and support programmes to agro-pastoralists. As Director of the Centre for Arid Zone Studies, University of Wales, Bangor for 13 years, he not only provided regular technical inputs to projects but also directed and managed the Centre’s staff and secured the funding for a wide range of studies, training and development programmes.
As the team leader of some 50 UN Crop and Food Supply Missions he had a very broad appreciation of rural issues and concerns.

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