Pam Gregory, Associate
Pam is a specialist in bee keeping, with over 30 years experience. As well as working in apiculture, she also has extensive, practical experience in livestock husbandry, smallholder systems and value added production. She has a special interest in market development and entrepreneurship with a focus on women's development. Her experience in bee keeping has included honey marketing, training of trainers, designing education and training systems and development of bee keeping projects in Malawi, Cameroon, Tanzania, Kenya, Philippines, Nepal and India.  She was senior bee keeping advisor for Wales with the UK National Bee Unit for seven years and a field based advisor for 15 years and has 10 years tropical beekeeping expertise. She has extensive teaching experience and has conducted training in participatory techniques, sustainable development and livelihoods analysis. She also has experience in group development; facilitation and support; project design, development and implementation; development of best practise initiatives as well as analysis of and rural and peri-urban development research for policy inputs.
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