Clients of AA International Ltd
Since 1970 members of our staff and associates have worked directly AND continue to work with the following organisations:

Pictorial Evaluation Tools - Crop and Livestock Assessing:
Uganda, Karamoja, FAO (October 2015)
West Bank and Gaza Strip, FAO (2013 and 2014): in use; with possibilities for use in war-zones Syria and Iraq
South Sudan, FAO/WFP (2015 - revised from first 2006 edition)
Sudan, FAO-SIFSIA, MoA (2011)
Somalia, FAO/FSNAU (2010)
Ethiopia CAZS, UNWFP Ethiopia (2004)
Situation Reviews:
United Nations World Food Programme (2008)
UNDP, Ethiopia (2012)

Agricultural and Food Supply Assessments:

United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organisation/World Food Programme (over 70 CFSAMs since 1990 and still on-going)
Latest CFSAM South Sudan (2014/5), in press, FAO/WFP

Programme Support/ Project Evaluations/ Impact Assessments:
ADRA, Sudan (2013)
Oxfam GB, Uganda (2010, 2013)
Concern Worldwide, South Sudan (2012 and on-going)
Mercy Corps, Uganda and Afghanistan (2013, 2014 and on-going)
Christian Aid, Afghanistan (2012)
ICCS, Afghanistan and Somalia (EC Funded Project Framework) (2010, 2011)
FARM-Africa, Sudan (2006)
ACORD (1982-1995)
Oxfam Solidarite (1989-2003)
Development Fund Norway (2001)
CBSE, Belgium (1983-1999, 2001)
SOS Faim, Belgium (1986, 2003)
Relief Society of Tigray, Ethiopia (REST) (1985-2003)
British Council (1996)

Workshops and Short Courses:
AgriTechTalk CIC (2014), Functional Numeracy for Agriculture: New initiative, using web-based modules 
FAO (2014), South Sudan, Series of PET workshops  
USAID-TOPS grant (2014), Mercy Corps pilot of functional numeracy for extension workers and farmers
UN FAO (2013-2014) CFSAM and PET Training, Sudan, Somaliland, South Sudan, West Bank and Gaza Strip, Uganda
UN FAO - (regular) Training courses to accompany the PET Manuals (listed above)