Climate Change Busting:Transplanting
CLIMATE-CHANGE DESERVES NEW IDEAS........... Transplanting sorghum and millet seedlings  is an old idea with a new and relevant application if you do it from pre-rains nurseries.

Climate Change Effect Buster... Transplanting


Small-scale subsistence farmers practicing rain-fed farming in some semi-arid regions experience poor yield stability and regularly risk total crop failure due to erratic and unreliable rainfall. Research conducted by CAZS- Natural Resources Bangor University, in Zimbabwe and Ghana showed that transplanting sorghum and pearl millet seedlings can reduce the time to maturity in the field by up to two weeks and increase grain yields significantly. In 2007 AA International Ltd supported the FAO Emergency Unit in testing this practice in two regions of Eritrea, with results again indicating that transplanting can significantly increase productive plant population and yields in fields of small-holder farmers facing erratic and unreliable rainfall patterns.



We have two documents describing this technique available for download from the following links: 


'Transplanting Sorghum and Millet - a Key to Risk Management' - please click here.


'Technical Guidelines for Transplanting Sorghum and Pearl Millet' - please click here


See Report of Eritrean Transplanting here-