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Pictorial Evaluation Tools (PETs).
An objective, ground-based system for specialists/ non-specialists- no satellites, no cameras, no hearsay.
PET- Crops provides you with an objective means of rapidly assessing crop yields of EVERY FIELD you see by comparing your observations with the yields of photo-indicators of YOUR crops previously measured and recorded at harvest.
Look at the field, choose the closest corresponding photo-indicator, read the score, fine-tune the score above-below-or-between the NINE levels offered to guide you; and record the yield in tonnes per hectare (or kg/local area units) on forms provided for you in the PET-manuals for Excel analysis.
Pictorial Evaluation Tools (PETs). 
A standard method of body condition scoring by sight only- no herding, no handling, no touching. 
PET- Livestock allows you to assess livestock body condition by comparing your observations with photo indicators taken of camels, cattle, goats and sheep (fat-tailed and long-tailed) of recorded body condition score from 1(low) to 5 (high) - using one specific site on the body
Herd level- Look at the herd, choose the mode (most commonly occurring score) at or between the 5 grades to guide you; and record the score on forms  provided for Excel analysis. Individual level- score each mature animal; identify class (female-milking, dry, heifer/ gimmer; male- breeding, draught / pack, castrates, fat-stock, store stock) and determine means and ranges for specific classes.
The PET- Livestock manuals also include PET Forages, a pioneering adaptation of PET - Crops for each country's grasses-  to estimate dry matter yield of standing hay.
The links below provide information on the methodology of PET use, the content of PET Assessor's Courses and all PET manuals which can be downloaded directly and gratis.
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