Dr Daljit Virk, Associate
Dr. Daljit Singh Virk worked with Ian for many years at the Centre for Arid Zones Studies (CAZS-NR) at Bangor University. He has a long experience in community-based seed production, assessment and conservation of on-farm diversity and landrace and varietal improvement by using participatory approaches (participatory varietal selection and participatory plant breeding) combined with marker assisted selection. Crop varieties developed by him, using participatory research, are highly popular with marginal farmers. He is experienced in seed regulatory frameworks and impact assessment of new varieties on biodiversity, food security and livelihoods. He experienced in the statistical analysis of quantitative and qualitative data from surveys and on-farm participatory research. He has conducted several international trainings (both in-country and in the UK) for in participatory crop improvement. He has been collaborating with GO and NGO partners, including universities, in South Asia and Africa, and has undertaken several consultancies in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Namibia and Ethiopia. He has published more than 200 research papers.
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