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Support to the establishment of Livestock Feed Security Assessment System in Kenya, Somalia, Uganda and Sudan

March 2020 – September 2022

This project aims to increase the resilience of livelihoods to threats and crises. Included in its outputs are to develop the capacity of participating countries to conduct livestock body condition assessments and range monitoring; and to institutionalise these activities within annual food and feed security assessments.

Following in-country PET training for field officers, by our partner AgriTechTalk Africa, in October 2021, livestock body condition and forage yield data were collected by Government of Sudan field officers using the PET app in eight states during December 2021. Data analysis and reporting was conducted by AA International, with reports shared with the Government of Sudan. Subsequent PET Training and Refresher Training was conducted in Sudan in July 2022. Discussions on the integration of PET data into regular food security reporting processes at national level are ongoing.

Evaluation of SAHEWA phases 1 and 2 in West Dafur, Sudan

ADRA Denmark - December 2013


AA International staff conducted an evaluation of the Sustainable Access to Hygiene Education and Water for All (SAHEWA) Project, West Dafur.

Quasi Crop and Food Supply Assessment Mission, Northern States of Sudan

UN FAO/WFP - December 2011


AA International staff led this assessment mission, covering 15 of the northern states of Sudan.

PET-Crops Sudan and PET-Livestock Sudan

UN FAO - March-April and September-October 2011


AA International staff conducted field work during 2011 for the production of the PET-Crops Sudan and PET-Livestock Sudan manuals.

Training on the use of PET methodology and the manuals was also delivered to assessors.

To learn more about PET Crops click here

To learn more about PET Livestock click here.

Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission support and Pictorial Evaluation Tool (PET) development

UN FAO - October-December 2010


AA International staff undertook field work for production of PET Crops Sudan and PET Livestock Sudan. 

During this time the staff also provided support to the Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission (CFSAM).

Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission (CFSAM), Sudan

UN FAO - October 2009


AA International provided consultancy inputs into the planning and data collection phase of this CFSAM for Sudan.